Sustainable Craft Projects and Holiday Activities You Can Do with Your Child

Sustainable Craft Projects and Holiday Activities You Can Do with Your Child

The holidays are a great time for you and your child to bond together. It’s a break from a very busy year for you, so this is an opportunity for you to bond with them.
Also, nowadays children are so indulged with their gadgets that it may
take a toll on their overall well being. Why not connect with your child this Christmas by doing some projects that are fun and sustainable. In this blog, we’ll give examples of sustainable craft projects, games, and upcycle projects to enjoy with your kids.

Create Zero-Waste Christmas Decorations

Image from Buggy and Buddy

It could be very tempting to shop for Christmas decorations so you can have a fresh and new theme every year. However, there’s a more sustainable and fun way to make your home festive: doing DIY Christmas sustainable craft projects with your kid! Let you and your child’s creativity come into play. You can do
snowflake cutouts from newspapers and other kinds of used paper. Turn a plastic bottle into a small Christmas tree. Create a snowglobe out of plastic bottles. Lots of ideas, indeed!

Image from A Little Rose Dust

Also, just look around. Nature can provide you with some materials for your Christmas craft project. For example, dried leaves in your backyard can be turned into ornaments or present decorations. Let your imagination do the trick: perhaps paint a Santa or Mrs. Claus on a toilet roll with cotton rolls as hair and beard ? The possibilities are endless! The Frugi Blog also suggests to turn fallen pine cones into cute reindeer faces. Just add googly eyes, red pom-poms for the nose, and twigs or fuzzy wires for the antlers. Frugi Blog has lots of sustainable craft projects you can check out. Olli Ella Blog also has a lot of DIY holiday projects like cardboard folk Advent calendar.

Craft Sustainable Greeting Cards 

Image from MR Gift Blog

Aside from ornaments and other Christmas decors, you can also do a sustainable craft project to make Christmas greeting cards! Make use of kids drawings, craft paper clippings or old cardboard boxes.  Together, you can design Christmas trees, bells and other concepts. Just use your creativity and imagination.

Wrap Presents the Eco-Friendly Way

Image from Cooper Robinson

Recycled brown paper is a simple sustainable gift wrap option. Aside from the fact that they’re cheaper, they also can be more aesthetically-pleasing especially if you’re in for a rustic-themed Christmas. We suggest using ribbons or string instead of plastic ribbons and tape. Reuse old Christmas ribbons, bags and wrap! For more tips, Mindful of the Home has a whole blog about sustainable Christmas present wrapping. 

Upcycle Old Clothes

Image from The Realistic Mama

Fashion is a major contributor to pollution. That is why we advocate slow fashion for a more sustainable way of doing fashion. But aside from buying GOTS-certified textile clothing and patronising ethical and sustainable fashion brands like aboriginal clothing brands, you and your child can take part in practicing slow fashion by upcycling old clothes! Whether you want to transform them into “new” clothes, or turn outsized socks into doll clothes or a snowman, upcycling clothes can be a fun sustainable project and make a lot of good impact to the earth.

These sustainable project ideas are a great opportunity for you to let your child experience a meaningful Christmas. Not only will you be able to bond with your child, but you’ll also be able to show your child that saving the planet can be fun.

Happy Holidays, from me and the entire Dulcie Dot family!