Earth Day 2022: A Call for Change to Fight Change

Earth Day 2022: A Call for Change to Fight Change

Today is International Mother Earth Day. DulcieDot would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of what’s happening to our planet. It cannot be denied that our Mother Earth is crying for help. Wildfires, floods, acidic oceans, storms are affecting people’s lives, and these are all linked to global warming. In fact, the United Nations have just released a statement of the irreversible effects of global warming. Ecosystems are and will continue to disappear, there will be more disease spread and ‘natural’ disasters due to the rising temperature. The last 3 years in Australia alone we have experienced the most intense fires and floods ever.

As humanity continues to significantly drive destruction forward with our acts of deforestation, irresponsible agriculture, illegal wildlife trade, unethical manufacturing, over consumption, even simple acts of littering and unsustainable ways of living are all huge contributors. 

How DulcieDot Helps the Planet

We are stewards of this planet and DulcieDot is an advocate of sustainability. Our garments are made of organic and natural textiles and we also aim to include upcycled textiles in our future collections. Wearing organic clothing encourages organic farming, which results in healthier soil, less soil erosion, and fewer health risks for humans and the wild. Our garments are made from GOTS-certified textiles that also shed very few microfibers.

We also practice slow fashion. Our styles are classic and go beyond fashion trends and our key pieces are also purposefully designed to grow alongside your child, ensuring that they get more use. This ensures you with DulcieDot you can buy less, choose well and make it last. 

We have also written a blog on sustainability which can serve as your guide. From food choices to gardening methods, you can do your part. Let’s look after Country and preserve the lands that have provided us with everything we need to survive this world. Our children deserve to see our Mother Earth in its best form. Together, let’s change our ways to fight climate change.

 Ngali Garima mala jugun, Ngaliwana janja mala jugun 

(We look after this country, we don’t harm this country).