Who Run the World?: UN International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2022

Who Run the World?: UN International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2022

On this day, we pay tribute to the Indigenous communities of the world by celebrating the UN International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. This year’s Indigenous Day is particularly special to us.

Why? Because this year’s theme is “The Role of Indigenous Women in the Preservation and Transmission of Traditional Knowledge”.  Women play an important role in Indigenous communities: as guardians of spiritual and scientific knowledge, caregivers of natural resources, carrying on customs and also leaders for change in promoting the rights of not just their community but Indigenous people globally and defending the lands and territories of First Nations peoples.  

As the “backbone of Indigenous peoples’ communities”, First Nations women have a special place in our heart at DulcieDot because we are guided by our Aboriginal ancestors Dulcie and Dot. Our first collaborators are also First Nations women women: Daphne de Jersey from Mapoon (Gweeni Collection), and Agnes Kohler (Mud Shells Collection)  and Noelene Hills (Bunbudgee Collection) of Mornington Island.

We, however, recognise the fact that so much has yet to be done as Indigenous women are still underrepresented, and experience more abuse and discrimination then any other women. That is why the United Nations is campaigning for reclaiming their very important roles. 

Supporting Indigenous Women in Australia

Within your own community to bring forward the views and issues for First Nations women and to ensure their voices are heard you need to listen, be respectful and open to learn and expand your knowledge about culture.

Ask permission and ask what is needed and what resources you can offer instead of deciding yourself what is needed. First Nation-led decisions are of the utmost importance surrounding First Nations events and issues in community no matter what the organisation or business.

You may also show support and appreciation to First Nations women in Australia and their contribution in the society by supporting their business.

At DulcieDot we offer organic kids and baby clothing made of fabrics designed by 3 collaborating with Female First Nations artistsAgnes Kohler, Noelene Hills and Daphne de Jersey At DulcieDot we aim to shine a light on the incredible talent behind these 3 women we are working with.. You can find our more about our collaborating artists and contact them here for commissions and to purchase their artwork.  

There are many Indigenous women-owned business throughout Australia that you can support as well. We recently featured many in our NAIDOC Week blog.


You may also show support to women's art communities, shelters, and literacy programs that cater to Indigenous women in Australia like ASPIRE by Aboriginal Literacy Foundation, and Indigenous Women’s Financial Wellness programme by First Nations Foundations

Celebrate 2022 Indigenous Day by standing by our Indigenous women and recognising their importance and rights in this world.