Reasons to choose Certified Organic Cotton 

Reasons to choose Certified Organic Cotton 

Reduces environmental pollution and damage

Certified organic is grown in a balanced ecosystem without the use of harmful toxic chemicals, cotton lowers carbon footprint by using 88% less water and 62% less energy. making it safer for the farmers and community in which the cotton is grown and our planet.

Toxic chemicals are sprayed on conventional cotton. Certified Organic cotton has a much lighter environmental footprint as it is free from these toxic chemicals and pesticides pollute our land, water and air. 

Softer and Higher Quality Fabric and Clothing

Organic clothing is more durable but also softer then traditional cotton. It wears and breathes really well, keeping its shape and softness longer, looking great after many wears and washes. Adults and babies with chemical sensitivities and allergies can wear certified organic cotton safely. 

Saves Energy  + Protects Water Quality 

Farming techniques for certified organic cotton are fundamentally different as it does not introduce chemicals into the environment and is GMO free. Certified Organic Cotton is free from toxic dyes & fabric treatments including aromatic solvents, formaldehyde and heavy metals.

Organic farming relies on the soil to produce a productive crop, this saves energy compared to using heavy machinery to fertilize cotton plants with chemicals. Over 25% of the world’s use of pesticides are sprayed onto conventional cotton. 

Creates a healthy work place for agricultural workers and manufacturers 

A lot of these toxic pesticides run off into waterways, which can harm the health of farmers and the community especially.  Conventional cotton farmers exposed to pesticides have a 6x greater risk of cancer than certified organic cotton farmers. 

Certified organic cotton manufactures must abide by strict manufacturing criteria that requires fair working conditions and no child labour. 

Supports Sustainable Agriculture + Reduces Genetically Modified Cotton 

When buying certified organic clothing, rest assured that the cotton crops are free from genetic modification making this good for creating demand for a natural product. Certified organic cotton farming does not rely on toxic chemicals for production but needs high quality soil to produce a healthy crop. When you buy certified organic clothing you are helping to create a healthy living soil and farm which is supporting sustainable agriculture.

Promotes a Sustainable Supply Chain & Environment 

Buy less and buy well. Think twice about buying a cheap bargain made from conventional cotton as the true cost of this clothing is often hidden under unethical manufacturing and farming conditions.  

When you buy ethically made garments crafted from certified organic cotton or eco fabrics you are not only helping the farmers, communities and environment where it is grown but you are helping to create a long term sustainable economy. Choose to protect our environment for future generations.

Ngali Garima mala jugun, Ngaliwana janja mala jugun (We look after this country, we don’t harm this country).

@DulcieDot__ we always use GOTS certified organic, natural biodegradable fibres for our garments so you can rest easy knowing your little ones are wrapped up in soft safe non-toxic ethically made threads.