National Sorry Day

National Sorry Day

On National Sorry Day we can remember and acknowledge the strength of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stolen Generation Survivors, who by the impact of colonialism were forcibly removed from their country, families, communities and culture.

We cannot heal the present or the future without acceptance of the truth and trauma embedded in our history. We are living the injustices of the past as they are a continuing source of intergenerational trauma.

The injustices of child removal still exist today.

The history and healing of the Stolen Generation is deeply embedded in the DulcieDot story.

90 years ago at age 10, Dulcie and twin sister Dot, were stolen from their mother in Mallanganee, Bundjalung Country. Instead of a childhood surrounded by family, siblings and community, growing up on Country, they were taken over 700kms away to be ‘fostered out’ where they were put to work as domestic servants in a men’s boarding house.

This is but one of hundreds of thousands of stories from our nation we acknowledge on this day.

We can all help play a part in the healing journey by seeking out information, connecting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, supporting Blak Businesses, Indigenous programs and donating to organisations.

Donate and Support

Our Songlines focuses on mindful activities that encourage cultural learnings in safe creative ways. They connect with ancestor knowledge and provide activities based on existing knowledge, age, gender and interests. Songlines guide youth with connecting to bush, water, earth & business to find their connection and their strengths.

The Healing Foundation is an organisation partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people addressing trauma and intergenerational trauma caused by the Stolen Generation.

Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation's purpose is to connect with individuals and families, providing support and links to services that help them heal from the past and nurture their sense of confidence and pride in the future.

Weave Youth & Community Services, they provide services and run programs designed to support children, youth, women and families who face complex issues such as homelessness, family breakdown, mental health and substance use issues impacted by intergenerational trauma.