Making kids clothes - the process

Making kids clothes - the process

Over the last year DulcieDot has come into being. There are so many elements to building a business, with many wins and falls along way (especially during a pandemic) but here are some small snippets of the fun stuff! 

Bring your idea to life

Take that crazy idea in your head onto legible paper for your maker…  

Drawing up CADS and detailed techpacks (an instruction booklet for your maker), each garment tech pack can take up to weeks to perfect. 

To learn how to create your own seek out the incredible Demi @ Get Stuff Made, she runs a sustainable textiles studio that supports, educates and guides new clothing start-ups along their design, sampling, and manufacture journeys.  She has been an incredible mentor on the DulcieDot journey. 


Source the desired fabric for your collection ! The Sustainable Textile Supply Chain sell a large range of GOTS organic, recycled and plant dyed fabrics swatch sets.  


First fit sampling …. This it to check the size and fit of the garment - depending on how accurate your techpack this will come back with a few adjustments or a lot.

While the sampling is in motion, we work on the print strike offs. Strike offs are an example of how the prints and patterns (in our case our collaborators artwork) will appear on fabric.
At DulcieDot prior to printing any strike offs our collaborator relationships and licensing agreements are built well before. Each artist sets the guidelines of how and where their artwork can be used and the copyright license agreements are created with the @copyrightagency, (for more information on this please visit our website under Ethos) Here are some strike offs on our journey.  

Labels and tags, we also get moving on deciding our labels and swing tags as well as postcards with information about our collaborators.
Final samples ! We are very excited to be in our final stages of sampling.  We hope to our our first pieces to show you all soon.