Cuddle Time with Furry Friends

Cuddle Time with Furry Friends

DulcieDot features Furry Friends crochet toys crochet toys give a lot of benefits to children. This includes developing their sensory skills, giving familiarity and reassurance to children, soothing themselves, among others.

Introducing our Furry Friends: a collection of beautifully handcrafted crochet Australian bush animals. They are made of non-toxic 100% cotton yarn and filled with 100% cotton silk. Let’s get to know each soft and cuddly friend.

Mani and Mimi with baby Joey the Kangaroos (Gurruman) 

Our first members of Furry Friends: Mimi is the sandy Kangaroo, while Mani is the blue boxer. Both Mani and Mimi love jumping and bouncing around along with squishy cuddles. They are 30cm tall and have safety plastic eyes. Together with Mimi in her pouch is baby Joey, who has embroidered eyes. ‘Gurruman’ is the name for Kangaroo in Bundjalung language.

Gumba and Gula the Koalas (Burubi) 

Gumba is the grey Koala, and Gula is pink. They love to eat their gum leaves and climb but most of all they love to cuddle up and sleep. Gumba and Gula each have leaves in their hands in case they get hungry exploring. They are also 30cm tall, and have embroidered eyes.

How to Take Care of Furry Friends

If they get dirty, please only hand wash Furry Friends with warm water or gentle wash in the washing machine. They also enjoy drying in shade. Please do NOT tumble dry or dry clean them, as they get super dizzy!

We hope your kids love our new friends and enjoy many adventures together.

Furry friends can be purchased individually, in couples or the whole mob of Furry Friends! Check out the whole collection in our website!