5 Australian Bush Foods: Ingredients and Gifts for Christmas

5 Australian Bush Foods: Ingredients and Gifts for Christmas

Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to its native foods. Our bush foods are a perfect treat this Christmas. They are great ways to add interesting flavour to your Holiday feast.They also make good Christmas presents to your loved ones. Now that Christmas is approaching, we have curated a list of amazing business here in Australia that offer bush foods. We have chosen these brands as we guarantee that they are ethically-sourced, respects the land, and are First Nations-owned and operated. Read on to discover our list of Australian businesses selling bush foods.


Image from Indigiearth Website

Indigiearth is an established, award-winning company that is a hundred percent owned by Aboriginal people. They source native Australian ingredients from Aboriginal communities using traditional land management practices that respect Mother Earth, from the coast to the outback. Indigiearth produces and develops quality, authentic native foods, beverages, cooking ingredients, and botanicals that are manufactured with ethically sourced and sustainably harvested materials. You can visit their cafe, retail and events space at 90 Market Street, Mudgee, Center West New South Wales, or shop online and  use their Native Pepperberries, jams, Macadamias and other delicious bush foods for your Christmas dishes. They also make a great choice for Christmas stocking fillers!

Mayi Harvests Native Foods

Kakadu plum powder | Image from Mayi Harvests website

Mayi Harvests Native Foods is an Indigenous Australian-owned and operated business that harvest bush foods. They continue to use the traditional ways of natural harvesting. Australian native foods are harvested by Mayi Harvests Native Foods, an enterprise owned and run by Indigenous Australians. Throughout the six seasons found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, they continue to use the traditional ways of natural harvesting. Their practises guarantee a sustainable future for everyone. They offer high-quality Australian native produce that is freshly frozen and dried, and they distribute their goods throughout Australia. Through Mayi Harvests, you have direct access to the world of native superfoods from Australia. Mayi Harvests is famous for their Kakadu plum powder; great for Christmas baking cakes and brownies! Head on to their website to see their products. You can also access their recipes for some ideas!

Chocolate on Purpose

Image fromChocolate on Purpose Website

Now if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, this Christmas this brand is perfect for you. Chocolate on Purpose is a First Nations business from Wiradyuri Country offering chocolate. Their top-tier chocolate line is known as "Bush Food Chocolate," which combines the greatest natural Australian botanicals/bush foods with the finest Belgian chocolate. Their goal is to foster a deeper respect for knowledge and culture by educating people about how our First Nations People have traditionally used botanicals through chocolate. Check out their chocolates in their website. Aside from their products, they even offer Gift Cards! Indeed, a great choice for a sweet Christmas gift!

My Dilly Bag

Image from My Dilly Bag

Another brand you can get ingredients for your Australian Christmas is My Dilly Bag. My Dilly Bag collaborates sustainably with Aboriginal artisan producers and communities that grow and harvest bush foods. My Dilly Bag gives communities a place they can uphold their traditions, produce new revenue sources, and feel proud of their culture by offering a platform for the development, marketing, and distribution of Aboriginal products. Head on to their website for their products including spices, hampers, and even cookbooks! We especially recommend their Gluten-free Dinner Party Hamper. You can give their individual products and hampers as gifts as well.

The Unexpected Guest

Image from The Unexpected Guest

Let’s extend special your holiday with a Christmas and Boxing Day breakfast with the good The Unexpected Guest offers - products that are organic, wholesome, clean and healthy food that is sustainable and protects the environment. They highlight the benefit of using natural sugars on their breakfast products. Check out their prebiotic and muesli bars, other products, and recipes in their website

So why go for bush foods this Christmas? Not only are our nation’s pride, but also they are very healthy! They are rich in protein, micronutrients, and low in sugar. These brands mentioned are all Aboriginal owned and their produce sustainably sourced from First Nations growers. So now that you have a list of businesses to find some bush foods, expect to celebrate Christmas with delight and health. Let it be your gift for your loved ones.