Heal Country

Heal Country

Caring for Country is at the core of what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples do. It is inherent in identity and in sustaining every aspect of life.

The more we know about the history of our Country, the more we can continue to heal and learn how to walk together, making caring for Country and Community an everyday practice.

'Heal Country calls for stronger measures to recognise, protect, and maintain all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage'. @naidocweek (Naidoc Week History)

Dulcie and Dots stories, as with many First Nations descendants have laid heavy in my families history. My grandmothers were stolen at 10yrs to become a domestic workers (slave) in a men's boarding house, 700km away from their mother, siblings and community. Although their trauma was passed down through generations and played out in so many forms, so too was their strength, positivity, and resilience.

They created a path empowering the next generation to learn to heal, to connect, to love, to use their voices and unite!

To Heal Country is to heal ourselves first.

As humanity we have a duty to heal the planet. We can be more aware of the resources we have and use, when we look after Country it in turn will look after us.